Thursday, June 25, 2009

The depressing news

It was about 6:20 when I found out, my mom told me my friend was on the phone so I pick it up and I herd the news. The news that changed my life, the moment I said “hey” she yelled it out. “MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD”. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was beating like crazy, I mean not even a “hey I have some bad news” no…just a big BAM! Those 4 words made me feel multiple emotions, sad, denial, shock and others that I never felt before. I stop and realised that tears came out automatically. I didn’t want to cry were people were around so I rush in my room, closed the door and sat there. My friend was talking but I wasn’t even paying attention. I didn’t care about anything; I rejected the idea at first. All I could think about was him. His talent that inspired millions of celebrities that made them become what they are today, his talent that amazed thousands and thousands of people. And even after the stupid lies, rumours and rude comments they made about him, he still when on. I took the phone and press end without saying bye. I couldn’t think nor talk at the moment. I just laid there crying and thinking of him. I always knew his health was bad, but I never thought of death coming at his door so soon. I could hear the news downstairs and I could also hear the repeated gasps in the living room. My sister and brother know how much I love him and how much of a fan I am. So the first thing they did was to find me and tell me the bad news. I prayed for them not to find me, I really wanted to be alone but they did, I lock the door but they were still knocking like animals. “Hey Michael Jackson is dead” “ya its true” “open the door” they said the news as if they didn’t care. And each time they would say “His dead” I would cry even more. They finally left. I sat there and cried like I have never cried before. His songs, videos, dance moves his voice kept repeating in my head. It was impossible to believe it. It’s so hard when people can’t face reality because it’s not the way you want it to be. I cried for hours and at one point I didn’t even know were I was. I was so confused. It hit me so hard. I don’t know if I will get over the situation. But one thing that I do know, is that Michael was an amazing artist. A man that will never be forgotten and his legacy will always remain.

Rip Michael
From you’re always to be fan

Monday, June 22, 2009

10 tips for girls

If you’re a girl and you are having a lot of trouble understanding a guy or trying to get his attention maybe this might help. These are 10 things you should or shouldn’t do!

1. Don’t seem to desperate makes you look pathetic

2. Don’t wear makeup most guys like girls without it makes you look fake

3. Always remember to smell good. I mean breath and body some girls breathe stink like rotten fish that came out an ass

4. If you like the guy don’t start the conversation all the time. If you do so and you can see that he is interested in the conversation stop because if he really does like you he will find the courage to start a conversation and if he doesn’t his a pussy

5. Don’t complain, the most unattractive to a guy is when a girl complains

6. Don’t talk to much, ask him questions too

7. To much info about you’re shelf may scare the guy away (like a secret) so be careful to what you are saying

8. Let him be the one asking you out

9. Let him be the one that leans in and kiss’s you

10. Don’t flirt if his not flirting back

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Famous People never fart!! :P

Here’s a weird subject I know but the idea occurred to me a few days ago and I have been meaning to discuss it with you follow bloggers. I don’t know about you but I always question myself does celebrities fart? I mean in an interview or a recording studio or maybe on set? Nobody ever says anything about it. Do they have this special pill or something to prevent farting? And what about teachers? They never fart ether. Imagine a set of a romantic Mexican soap opera

Pedro: Maria I love you so much

Maria: Me too Pedro I don’t want to leave but-
Pedro: Please don’t say anything I *fart*

Director: ok take two on sex scene and Pedro hold it in this time and lay off the burritos

Now wouldn’t that be just down right hilarious

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is Love?

Sometimes I can't help but question myself what is love? Does it even exist? Can everybody fall in love? How do you know when you're in love? All these questions are never answered and I don't think it ever will until I find the one. Because I feel that love is a feeling you can learn from not question. But it is confusing. They writ songs, poetry, movies, and books about it yet do we truly know if it is true? Maybe, maybe not. When I was reading the notebook witch is a story about 2 lovers that has a love so powerful that it can overcome any problem they face. While I was reading this page turner I wondered if 2 people can fall in love like that. Or even love each other until the day they die. But in my opinion every person finds a special someone then marries them but the time that you spend with them makes you so close to them that you don't want to be separated not because you love them. Well partially the reason is because you love them but when you turn 60 or 70 that love will die soon and all you have left is that feeling of being with them and you need them so much you don't realise that you don’t love them anymore. I find that sad. But I hope that someone does experience a love so true like the note book

Story-The Black Shadow

The Black Shadow
By: Pressilia

Night time again my favourite part or the day when you can just go to sleep and forget about all you’re worries. I prepared myself for bed wash my face brush my teeth prepare my cloths for tomorrow. I sat silently in my bed thinking deeply in to my thoughts I look at the clock it was 11:34 pm at this time everyone is asleep except me it was never easy for me to sleep although I never knew why. Maybe if I listened to my music I could sleep, maybe something gentle soothing I search the songs on my I-pod and found the perfect song Bella’s Lullaby I have loved that song ever since I herd it was just so beautiful. But I herd something else then the song, something like a cry for help in the background and it was coming from downstairs I stop the music to hear it better but the only thing I herd was complete silence. I turned the music back on and I herd it again but louder I stop my music again and then I herd it, it was like 2 birds getting a shock or a very scratchy scream or maybe a cat in pain crying for help, and I herd a few footsteps. Then I herd the weirdest voice, I couldn’t tell what the hell it was saying, and I could still hear the scratchy sound in the background. I was getting more scared by the minute. A million and one question are just swirling in my head, who was doing those noises? Was it a burglar? What does he want and who would rob a house at this time? Isin’t it a bit too early? And what on earth is doing that annoying screaming? I got to a conclusion the only way to find out is to go downstairs myself I’m the only one to help that weird person or animal that’s doing those sounds. At first I was way too scared to move after a few minutes I got up but realised what would I do if the burglar has a gun or some other weapon? I look in my drawer trying to make the less sound as possible for him no to know that someone else is awake. The only good thing that I found was a pen that could protect me and some old dental floss the pen is for sticking it in his leg so he won’t get away or run and the dental floss is to strangle him If things get way out of hand. I took a deep breath and I heading to the stairs, each step I took made me question whether or not I should be doing this, at the end of the stairs I felt the cold floor underneath my feet that made me shiver. The screaming was getting louder and the foot steps. I started walking threw the halls trying to find out were the sound it coming from. It was from the living room as I was about to turn the corner and unveil this person I saw a shadow coming towards me a big black shadow I couldn’t tell much about it only that it was a shadow of a man, a big man actually. The shadow was getting bigger and bigger I was solid stiff I couldn’t move because of my fear and the burglar came right in front of me it was dark and the only light in the house was coming from behind him leaving his face in shadows he was holding a knife in his right hand then he lifted it up I though he was going to stab me but he was heading for the light switch behind me, as the lights turn on all my fear turn into foolishness. the so called burglar was my dad and the knife that he had was actually a big marker “Amy? What are you still doing? It’s late and you have school tomorrow?” he said “Dad?” I said in a surprised voice “Well…I herd these weird noises like someone screaming for help and I was wondering what it was” I continued in a hesitated voice “Oh that was me I was writing on the card board those marker aren’t that good ” he said in a amusing voice as I look behind him there were 2 big white cardboards and on both of them written in big red bold letters APARTMENT FOR RENT he’s renting our old apartment, everything made complete sense now and I realised how foolish I acted tonight “Oh well ummm ok I’m going to go to sleep now” I turn around and I was practically running to the stairs and I though I herd a chuckle from my dad when I went in my room got into bed and started thinking of how stupid I acted but in a weird was it was an awesome quest you might say.