Monday, November 30, 2009

Substitute Teacher

We had a substitute teacher today, to some that is good news to others it’s bad, but in my opinion it depends because there’s 3 sort of substitute

The I’m going to be in charge for a day:
The most annoying one is this sub., why? His there for a day and he thinks his our real teacher so his all serious and expects to make the work were suppose to do, oh and writ the names of the “bad kids”

The I don’t care one:
This is my personal favourite one, this sub. Is clueless and let’s us so what ever we want to do, gives us the papers we have to do and let’s us socialise the rest of the class and leaves a good comment for the teacher, you can almost say his like a break

The friendly sub:
Well this one is more of both, occasionally he would tell us to keep it down, but he still wouldn’t care is we would be talking, and sometimes he tries to be friends with us witch just leads to awkwardness

Oh and in case you were wondering yes I did have “The I’m going to be in charge for a day” sub. So annoying

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