Friday, December 4, 2009

Tim Horton’s SUCK!!!

Ya that’s right, it does you know why? Well today my mom and I had an eye brow appointment and then I was like “let’s go get some timmies” I USE to love it there but not after tonight. So I walk in and I go to the wrong cash and the girl working there gives me the biggest attitude look ever I mean it’s not that hard to tell me where’s the cash so then I realise and I say “oh it’s there sorry” and she gives me a even bigger dirtier look. So I was ready to order so the women says “what would you like today?” and I say “3 small cups of coffee” and for some reason it look like I just said I want a human brain, she look at me with such big confusing so I proceeded with my order “with sugar and milk,2 ice coffee and 1 French vanilla cap.” So as she’s preparing she said “so do you want a tray for that?” no I just want to burn my hands, obviously I want to have a tray so then she was probably a beginner because she had difficulty making ice coffee so it took twice as much time then usual I mean did she get her training yet? People get that so that they don’t waste costumer’s time, and she kept talking with all her coworkers and having fun laughing wasting my time and I’m about to explode. So then on top of everything THIS STUPID FRENCH VANILLA CAPE CHINO SUCKS!

PS: the stupid girl didn’t even give me sugar and milk

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