Friday, July 24, 2009

Famous Quotes

You know I hate it when famous quotes don’t make any sense.

Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're ganna get: But you do know what you’re ganna get. You’ll get chocolate of course.

An apple everyday keeps the doctor away: I hate needles, so one day I had a needle and I though hey why not try the “apple every day” quote so I did. I ate the stupid apple but I still had to get the needle

Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite: Why would u even say that to a child? I mean I’m pretty sure that they only say it in movies. But I still find it stupid, just because it rhymes doesn’t mean it makes sense

It’s on the inside that counts: Wow really? I’m sorry to tell you guys but that is the biggest lie I ever herd. People do care about the inside but they care about the outside as well. If you’re good looking men/women will like you “at first sight” but if well…this is a bit harsh but better looking on the inside they will have to know you to see you’re true beauty

You can run but you can hide: Well yes I can hide who the hell says that? Again they only probably say this in movies. But it’s not true I can run and I can also hide

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Interesting facts

  1. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite

  2. There are more chickens then people in the world

  3. More people are killed by donkeys than in plane crashes each year

  4. The average chocolate bas has 8 insect legs in it (yummm :P)

  5. 24 years of your life is spent sleeping

  6. A snail can sleep for 3 years

  7. Polar bears are left handed

  8. Butterflies taste with their feet (how would they know that?)

  9. Starfish don’t have brains (that's why patrick in sponge bob is dumb)

  10. No piece of paper can be folded in half more then 7 times (I tried it's true)

  11. You burn more calories when sleeping than you do watching television

  12. American Airlines saved 40,000$ in 1987 by taking out one olive from each salad served for first class

  13. In the morning apples are more efficient at waking you up then caffeine

  14. Most dust in your house is dead skin

  15. Turtles can breathe through their butts (that's sad)

  16. The electric chair was invented by a dentist

  17. A crocodile cannot stick it’s tongue out

  18. The cigarette lighter was invented before the match (what?)

  19. When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red (I wanna see that)

  20. It cost 7 million dollars to build the titanic and 200 million the make the film

  21. A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours

  22. A giraffe can clean its ears with its tongue

  23. A jelly fish is 95% water

  24. Dolphins sleep with one eye open

  25. Donald Duck was banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear pants

(I got these off the internet so I don't own them nor am I passing them as my own)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

X Drugs X

Personally I find drugs are stupid (no offence to people who use it) but it’s true. I really don’t understand the reason why so many people do it. Especially when there at a young age because I find they do it to be cool or to feel like they fit in. But most teens do it over stress (school, parents, etc.) but that’s still not a good reason. It’s not like it will blow all you’re troubles away. You’re basically killing you’re shelf. And the worst part is you can’t stop. Some people say “oh let me just try it once it won’t hurt” YOU’RE WRONG! You will get addicted so fast and you won’t be able to stop even if you try (for most cases). I have never smoked in my life nor have I thought of it and I never will. And I know nice people that got addicted to that stuff and now it seems like I don’t know them anymore. You just feel so discourage because of that. And they don’t understand that it’s killing a lot of people. Like if a person is under a lot of pressure or stress like…

Michael Jackson
Elvis Presley
Heath Ledger
Andy Gibb
Edith Piaff
And many many more...

And you know what happened to them? They died because of stupid drugs. You don’t control it, it controls you (I know it sounds cheesy but what ever). I hope that who ever read’s this passes on this message.

Monday, July 13, 2009


There’s a lot of things in this world that makes complete no sense to me for example when people say that a cat has 9 lives what the hell does that mean? I mean if the cat dies doesn’t mean she’s going to live again. Another thing is when they make cars of “the future” like in a commercial it says “drive now the 2010 Honda blablabla” Can’t they just make a car from 2009? And when you’re watching a movie and at the very beginning there’s something like “this movie has been formulated to fit this screen” or “do not copy writ this blablabla fbi blablabla fine of 25 000$” They put that thing for like 5 seconds but they still wont let us fast forward during that time. So what’s the point of putting it if no one will have the time to read it? Another thing that bothers me is when people ask you the most stupid questions ever. Like if you tell them “hey I got a tattoo” even though you were very clear they just have to ask again “a tattoo?” I mean why would you want to repeat that? Of when you hurt yourself and you’re screaming in pain but they have to ask “are you ok?” it’s kind of obvious that there not. Or when you ask them to use there stuff like “hey can I use you’re t-shirt?” “Why?” why do you think someone needs a t-shirt? obviously so that they can wear it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Proposal

I saw the proposal yesterday and it was THE BEST MOVIE EVER!

It was one of those movies that is all comedy but turns into something serious at the end or has a love story like “what happens in Vegas”. Ryan Reynolds was so hot! There was a shirtless scene and he has an 8 pack *sigh*. And Sandra Bullock is such a great actress. It was so funny, I mean I wish I could tell you guy’s all my favourite scenes but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. I’m hoping to watch public enemy’s soon it looks really good and let’s face it Johnny Deep is down right gorgeous

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things that annoy me

  1. when people breath way to loud

  2. when they open there mouth when they chew gum

  3. when there breath stinks

  4. when people want attention

  5. when people wear socks with sandals

  6. when girls act so slutty to get guys attention

  7. when guys think there “gangsters”

  8. when people sneeze or cough without covering there mouth

  9. when people don’t get the fact there boring but they keep talking

  10. when people are so fake with themselves

  11. when stupid family channel celebrities get famous

  12. when people always complain about there image

  13. when commercials are so fake

  14. when people think there the best

  15. when they cancel good shows


I hate mosquitoes. Yesterday was like the festival of stupid mosquitoes then Canada day. I mean they were literally drinking every drop of blood I had. I mean the worst part was it was only ONE. One damn mosquito hit me like 6 times. And the weirdest part was it would only suck blood from all the right part of my body. Right leg, right arm, right side of my back and I was wearing jeans and it still got me. JEANS! Do u know how thick that is? I mean how long is that stupid nose of his? And it kept coming back even when I was smacking it away. So when I was finally going to sleep the stupid mosquitoes followed me. I mean I know my blood taste great and all but leave some for the others. So it wouldn’t let me sleep and it was like 3:30 am so I went downstairs. Maybe if I would sleep on the couch it could leave. And it work. Until another stupid specie from the insect world came along. It was an earwig. But it didn’t bother me that much because I know they don’t bite. I WAS WRONG. I felt a sudden pinch. And you know when you feel little pain somewhere on you’re body and you think it’s nothing until you look at it and it’s like serious? Well that’s what I though, I look at my leg and the stupid earwig is there just bitting me. It’s 3 in the morning I don’t want to wake anybody up and I don’t want to smack it because all the parts of its body will stick to my body…ew. So I started jumping like an idiot. But it wouldn’t get off of me. So I smack it little and it flew off. I though I was ganna die or become earwig women (it would be cool though) but no nothing happened to me. But the stupid bug got crazy after that. Probably gave him brain damage.
So if I have a wish it would obviously be to kill every stupid insect.